Thank you for visiting Quan's Travels! We're a group of young adults that are just really into photographing and journaling about the different places we've traveled to. Our hope is to give our readers a reliable source for their prospective journeys ahead. Whether you're planning an itinerary or just looking for inspiration, this is the perfect site for adventure-seekers.

How it Works

This website is entirely custom built! Here's a really short and nerdy explanation for how it all works: it's written using GatsbyJS, a React-based framework which has intelligent page load speeds and image rendering optimizations, perfect for a heavy photo-reliant travel blog. Content is managed by Sanity, an open-source headless content management system that supports custom schemas, which lets us build out some of the amazing templates that you see in our blog pages. Both the frontend and CMS are hosted on Netlify, which handles all of the platforming workload. It unifies all the tools that comes with building a website, like handling new changes to the code or managing website security.

Point is, building a website can be very difficult! Hundreds of hours have been spent on developing the infrastructure that you are using, and this is excluding all the other work needed to handle a blog (writing, photo editing, etc.) However, having that extra control over the user experience is worth the effort and simply outclasses the customization options from costly third-party application like Wix or SquareSpace. Quan's Travels is designed for our readers, and by being free of ads, cookies and trackers, it lets users explore the blog's content to its fullest extent without worrying about their own privacy.

This website generates zero revenue. Most of the cost of maintaining the site comes out-of-pocket, but you can help by buying us a coffee! All contributions will be invested in the services (listed above) that we use to provide our content.

Meet the Team

LQ's author photo
LQ Bach
Founder Developer Writer

LQ is the founder of Quan's Travels, and his primary responsibilities include blog content creation and being the website's principal engineer.

He works as a full-stack software engineer and is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His hobbies include relaxing at home, sleeping in on rainy days, and binge watching SNL on YouTube.

emazing travels profile picture
Emai Lai
Writer Photographer

Emai joined the team as an additional writer. She is also one of the main photographers behind many of the photos that are used in the blog.

She is currently working as a designer at an Educational Tech company. She also has a very diverse portfolio shooting in professional photography and videography, specializing in concerts, weddings, and graduation events.

Emai also writes content for her own travel blog (slightly inferior to this one). Link can be viewed above.